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Throughout the world the brand name Hardox® is synonymous with abrasion-resistant plate. Now there is both Hardox 400 and Hardox 500 avilable as round bar with the same attractive properties as in plate. Hardox bars are stocked in hot-rolled execution. 

The principal characteristic of Hardox as supplied is the its very high strength and hardness. Typical levels are 1 350 MPa for tensile strength and 400 HB for hardness. The efficiency of quenching during hardening is such that the material in the bar centre has almost the same hardness as that close to the surface. 

In spite of its high strength, the steel is comparatively low-alloyed which means that machinability and weldability are still favourable. Furthermore, considering the high hardness level, Hardox has very good impact toughness. 

The high strength of Hardox can be used to good effect to increase the fatigue resistance of a component. Alternatively, the weight can be reduced without loss of performance. Furthermore, the high level of cleanliness (freedom from harmful non-metallic inclusions), derived from a careful process control in steelmaking, contributes to the favourable fatigue properties.  

Hardox responds well to nitriding surface treatment, which confers a surface layer with even higher hardness, low friction and some degree of resistance to corrosion. 

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